Here you will find some useful quake 3 server commands.

I have an custom menu script that allow me to see players connected or connect to FF or Beaver 7.

I bind F5 to show a menu with 4 options:

1. FF Server Server Status   2. Connect to FF
7. Beaver 7  Server Status   8. Connect to Beaver   1. Nothing

Quake 3 has 2 nice commands to list all commands and variables.

Here some cheat codes usable when a map is loaded with devmap [mapname].

I would like share with you my mouse script. It allow you to change  mouse settins just pressing the letter "M".

On Quake 3 Server with Lord Smeagol fixes are available some g_* vars to change the time, the damage and more for rockers and grenades.

I searched many times the correct syntax to add a bot with a different name of the default. I mean addign sarge as bot his name is usual sarge.


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