If you like Spectating players and you wish navigate for Next and Previous player you will find useful this trick.

This is the script most used by myself. It allow to make clear screenshots. I mean a screenshots without score, lagometer, messages and other user interface objects.

Here 2 quake scripts dedicated for who like say say say in the quake console.

The first one bind a key and store inside itself the song of the legendary earth wind and fire "The world is a masquerade". Everytime you press a key a line of lyrics will be show in the console.

Quake 3 area from his preferences window has not keys configurable to manage the volume. You cannot raise and lower the volume. But Quake 3 arena has some commands to do it just setting the var s_volume. Right values are from 0.0, 0.1, 0.2 ... to 1.0.

Some years ago I found a script on internet and I want to share with you.


  • The peace belongs to all of the peoples, without distinction of race, religion or country.
  • Peace word and symbols like flag arrive directly in the mind and heart people.
  • When people of different races, languages, religions meet, it draws near the peace and the war gets away...www
  • Peace means Just  No War!
  • Freedom, Democracy, Peace; 
  • Power,Democide, and War :-(  www
  • Post your concept here using disqus... ;-)

Screenshots of the 17dd Map

Rail Artists at work! LOL... some screenshots using cg_RailTrailTime 99999999.

Artists: Lord Smeagol, Morbid, Spirit and on dm15 also Phantom, sp and AnungUnRama.


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