QooL GameQ Monitor V3 is a tool to inquiry the status of Your favorites game servers and on-line players. The program is highly customizable both in content and appearance.

In order to inquiry it uses latest PHP GameQ class. To be honest it can query not only quake 3 server but a long list of server how documentated in the Austin Bischoff Github.


^B and ^b make text blink
^F makes the text display only in the first half of a second

makes the text display only at the last half of a second


resets control stuff like ^B, ^F, ^f



Color hex, same used for html


^XFF0000 is red

^X777777 some kind of grey


  • Red font with a Blue Shadow




Here just some info, some snippets for quake 1.32, ioquake and osp mod.

Quake 3 has some similiar and different command set.

Here you will find some useful quake 3 server commands.

I have an custom menu script that allow me to see players connected or connect to FF or Beaver 7.

I bind F5 to show a menu with 4 options:

1. FF Server Server Status   2. Connect to FF
7. Beaver 7  Server Status   8. Connect to Beaver   1. Nothing

Quake 3 has 2 nice commands to list all commands and variables.