I am trying to write down all benefits seen until now in the Quake 1.32c, and in particular in the Quake 132e

Well, this document is just a draft and will remain so for a while.

I will add a new line when I will discover a new advantage.

I leave you the rule to send me the advantages of using Quake 1.31.


Date What Description
2018-08-06 Download Fast With download redirect, you will get a really fast download for the missing maps
2018-08-06 Console History Quake 3 save the history of console commands written. When launch again quake just use the up arrow to see previous
2018-08-06  in_minimize

Allow you to minimize your quake 3 when it is in fullscreen mode.

You can assign a key and use it also to go back in quake when the focus is in windows.

2018-08-06 New vars  Tons of new controls for your client